Is it true???
Yes! We're back! The CCQ has been resurrected and is more alive than ever! Tonight we play our first gig since 2009 in Hamburg at the Hafenbahnhof.
Also 2015 will see some new releases and possibly some vinyl as well as some tours around Europe!
Happy New Year all of you!!
Let's hope this year the CCQ will perform a bit more than last year and will release some new material.
In the meantime you can also buy our EP here.
Our new album has been released by Fuego-Records and is available through iTunes!
Watch out for our new release on Fuego Records. This time it's a live-album featuring Gu! It will be released very soon.
Also stay tuned for upcoming concerts in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Groningen. Check the gigs-section
Our cd is now also available at the Plato store in Leiden and has been restocked by Velvet Music.
Analogarhythm has been reviewed by 3voor12. Check it here: review (sorry, in dutch only...).
Our CD is now available in selected CD-stores and online:

Velvet Music - Leiden
Elpee - Groningen
Rush Hour - Amsterdam : ye olde online shoppe
Waxwell - Amsterdam: link
Woohoo! The cd's are finally finished! It took some time, but they're here! If you want one drop us an email at this address. And as an extra the first 25 people will receive a free button!
Happy New Year first of all! May it be full of nice and groovy music!
A lot of you are wondering what has happened to our cd... Well, there have been some problems with getting the covers done (major problems..) but it now seems everything will go smoothly, and we hope to finally have them ready by the end of this month!
Stay tuned (but don't hold your breath)!
Just a quick word about our cd Analogarhythm.
The first batch is sold out!! New ones should be available the second week of december.
Yes!! Our first single-cd, Analogarhythm, is finally finished and will be presented at the Walrus-gig tomorrow!!!
It will be available at the concert and at this site somewhere next week.
We added a new track to the audio section 'Mon Coeur a Toi' !
Check it out and let us know what you think.
Stay tuned for more updates!
Our 3-track ep is finally finished. You'll be able to buy it here very soon!
Yes, we're online! Nice of you to drop by!
We'll be updating the site the following days!